It’s not about winning. Or is it…?


You can

  • Watch me
  • Mock me
  • Block me or
  • Join me

What you cannot do is STOP ME

Only 4 more days until I step on stage. This final week is known as peak week. Funny name, because most people won’t be feeling at their peak during this week. My life consists of lots of training (all the cardio), egg whites, turkey, enough water to grow gold fish in my belly and a lot of time spent in the bathroom. And weirdly I am loving every moment of it. I have only had a couple of days in the last two weeks where I felt low. For the most part my excitement is growing every day and each time I look in the mirror I cannot believe what I have achieved (I’ll be sharing a picture from the competition next week).

On Sunday it is time to step on stage and compete against 9 other women who are, no doubt, absolutely stunning and they will have all put a lot of work and effort into bringing their best package. Whatever happens on the day, I can’t help but feel like a WINNER right now.

When I first had the idea to compete in a bodybuilding competition it was because I had previously been so ill. I was too ill to get out of bed, let alone leave the house. Every morning I had to decide if I brush my hair or my teeth. I did not have enough energy to lift my arms long enough to do both. I was told to get used to my symptoms as I’d likely not get much better. I did not accept that. I was determined to get my health back. And when I did start to feel better, the nay-sayers were right there: “You are fooling yourself. Just wait until you have a set back!”

Initially I wanted to find something to prove THEM wrong. To prove to them that I was healthy again. And so bodybuilding, being the most physically and mentally challenging thing I knew of, seemed perfect.

My motivation changed pretty quickly and it was actually myself that I wanted to prove something to. I wanted to get my health back. I wanted to be strong again. Not only that, but stronger than I’d ever been. And most of all I wanted to have CONFIDENCE in my body’s abilities again.

4 more days before the stage and I have already achieved all of that and more! I have discovered so many things about myself. That my mental strength far outweighs my physical strength, even though I lift some serious weights. I realised that I have a drive that nobody can mess with and that once I set my mind to something NOTHING is going to stop me. So no matter what happens on Sunday, if I place or not place, I will walk off that stage a winner in my heart. I will have truly given it my all and I stepped on a bodybuilding stage after nobody believed I could even get out of bed for any length of time. I feel healthier, stronger and more confident than ever!


If you want to see me compete, come along to the UKDFBA competition this Sunday from 1pm in Leamington Spa. You can get your tickets here or on the door 🙂


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